Private / Commercial

Murphysboro Event Center

Murphysboro, Illinois
 / 2007

The Owner of the Murphysboro Event Center wanted to change the use of the building from a private club into a banquet hall utilizing the multiple floors as different halls which could be rented separately or together.

With only one interior stairwell, the Owner wanted to bring the building up to code without affecting the historical significance of the building. It was decided to add a stairwell and elevator to the rear of the building. The elevator has access to all three levels as well as the ground level.

The new addition would add a total 2,764 square feet to the existing building. Access to the addition from the existing building utilized existing window or door openings and was finished to complement the theme of each level’s Meeting Hall.

The building addition was completed in October 2007 and now is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Lebanon Commons

Lebanon, Illinois

Lebanon Commons is a new 40,670 sq. ft. retail and business development in Lebanon, Illinois. The multi-tenant facility accommodates financial institutions, small business, mercantile and retail operations. The McKendree University Fitness and Wrestling Center is located in one wing. The Owner required the design to incorporate varying themes and materials to provide individualized tenant facades, while incorporating the style of local architecture, as requested by the City of Lebanon and residents.

3029 South Park Ave.
P.O. Box 640
Herrin, IL 62948
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