Capital Development Board (CDB)

Sparta Firing Range

Sparta, Illinois
 / 2018

Eggemeyer Associates Architects, Inc., provided architectural design for the Basic 10M-25M Firing Range (Zero) using the USACE standard design. Services included design and construction observation.

The Range included 32 firing positions at 4 M width each, a Range Control Tower, Ammunition Breakdown Building, and Bleacher Enclosure. Construction included electric service and telephone service to the site, roads, walks, storm drainage, parking areas for 20 vehicles and 3 buses, communications system, site lighting, fire alarm system, and gravel paths along the outside of the berm.

Range was designed per the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Design Guide for the Sustainable Range Program, Rifle/Machine Gun Zero Range, (Zero) Volume, CEHNC 1110-1-23-1 December 2004. This project complied with the Army 1 SQFT for 1SQFT disposal policy.

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