Saline County Housing Authority - Interior and Exterior Upgrades

Agency: Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Location: Harrisburg, Illinois


Replace exterior concrete noted. Construct an accessible parking area adjacent to Unit 1A. Install new accessible walk and stoop to Unit 1A. Remove and replace existing siding, soffit, light fixtures, address plate, guttering, and downspouts. Remodel 6 units in 2 buildings including abatement of floor tile and mastic. Remove and replace under slab sewer lines. Install new furnace with air conditioning systems. Replace domestic waterlines, including shut-off valves *insulate new lines). Replace new gypsum board on all partitions and ceilings. Insulate all exterior walls and attic. Replace all bathroom fixtures and accessories. Replace existing kitchen cabinets, sink, and faucet. Replace existing electrical wiring, switches, receptacles, and light fixtures. Replace entrance doors and storm/screen doors. Install new flooring and base throughout units. Termite treatment performed on entire exterior of buildings. Reconfigure unit 1A into a 504 accessible unit. Remove and replace all windows.

Copies of the documents are available and may be obtained from our office by depositing a check in the amount of $100.00 for each set of documents so obtained, made payable to the Saline County Housing Authority.

This project has a construction estimate of: under $790,000

PHA Office - 927 W. Barnett St., Harrisburg, IL 62946