Massac County Housing Authority - Miscellaneous Improvements and Section 504 Conversion, Phase 2

Agency: Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


Project IL-41-1/Metropolis, IL-41-2/Metropolis, IL-41-3/Brookport, IL-41-5/Metropolis, IL-41-6/Joppa, and IL-41-7/Metropolis, IL-41-8/Brookport, and IL-41-9/Metropolis,


Replace showerheads and faucet aerators as scheduled.


Replace roofing, gutters, downspouts, fascia and soffits, and roof accessories.

Abate cement asbestos panels at doors and windows at Community Building at Site A.  Install new vinyl siding and trim.  Remove and replace windows with new aluminum windows with security screens.  Remove and replace exterior doors, frames, and hardware.  Modify existing ductwork and add cased cooling coil at existing furnace.  Install new outdoor condensing unit on new reinforced concrete pad.


Abate floor tile and mastic at designated units, elevator cab, 2nd floor Laundry Room, and 3rd floor Hobby Room.  Install new vinyl plank flooring and vinyl base trim throughout with new sheet flooring and cove base at dwelling unit bathrooms.


Convert unit to meet Section 504 accessibility standards.

ADDENDUM NO. 1: Issued 11/23/2022

ADDENDUM NO. 2: Issued 12/01/2022

Copies of the documents are available and may be obtained from our office by depositing a check in the amount of $75.00 for each set of documents so obtained, made payable to the Massac County Housing Authority.

This project has a construction estimate of: under $540,000

PHA Office - 1209 East 5th St., Metropolis, IL 62960
- 2:00 pm