Housing Authority of the County of Union - Exterior Improvements, Phase 2

Agency: Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Location: Anna, Illinois


IL-67-2/Jonesboro and IL-67-7/Jonesboro:

Remove and replace damaged brick veneer, tuckpoint damaged or deteriorated mortar joints, and clean all brick. Replace siding, gutters, downspouts, soffit, and fascia covers. Install gutter guards on all new gutters. Connect downspouts to existing storm drain laterals, where they occur. Remove and replace shingle roofing systems, including ridge vents, exhaust vents, plumbing vent flashing, etc. Replace flue piping. Unit address numbers to be replaced with 911 compliant signs. Unit entry lights to be replaced. Remove all exterior mounted CATV wiring and provide a single, wired TV jack in Living Room of each unit with exterior box for connection by Utility (CATV/Satellite). Replace dryer vents. Existing aluminum windows to be replaced. Paint exterior doors and frames.

ADDENDUM NO. 1: Issued April 11, 2024

Copies of the documents are available and may be obtained from our office by depositing a check in the amount of $75.00 for each set of documents so obtained, made payable to the Housing Authority of the County of Union.

This project has a construction estimate of: under $1,515,000.00

PHA Office - 131 Hillside Terrace, Anna, IL 62906