Authorization to Download Electronic Bid Documents

Bid documents (for projects in which digital format are made available) may be downloaded from this site, for bidding purposes only, if the User accepts the following agreement:

The User agrees that electronic media documents downloaded from this site are for their use in preparation of their bid and are offered as a convenience to the User. The User acknowledges and agrees that Eggemeyer Associates Architects, Inc.’s (EAA) instruments of service are the printed hard copy drawings and specifications issued for the respective project. In the event of a conflict in their contents, the printed hard copies shall take precedence over the electronic media. Printed hard copies are available as listed in the project Invitation for Bid. EAA’s electronic media are furnished without guarantee of compatibility with the bidder’s software or hardware. It is the Users's responsibility to determine/evaluate the capability of their equipment to provide documents that are accurate for size, scale, and content.

EAA retains ownership of the printed hard copy drawings and specifications and the electronic media. Users are granted a limited license for their use, but only for the purpose of bidding on the Project. Use of these materials for any other purpose shall be without liability to EAA and their consultants. The User further acknowledges that EAA does not make any representations as to how this information is to be utilized by the User.

If the User elects to only download partial information (selected sheets of the drawings or pages of the specifications), they shall be responsible to obtain all pertinent bidding information to adequately and accurately prepare their bid proposal. The User is responsible to include in their proposal all of the scope of work for the portion which they will be responsible as defined on the drawings and in the specifications; including all labor, materials, equipment and applicable conditions as required in the Project Manual and contract documents including any work required as a result of other trades or subcontractors that may effect their bid.

The User agrees to indemnify, defend and save harmless EAA, their consultants and the officers and employees and any of them from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and costs including but not limited to costs of defense arising out of changes or modifications to the electronic media.

It is the responsibily of the User downloading these digital documents to inform EAA in order for their information to be included on the planholders list and to receive any future addenda that may be neccessary.

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